Trade and foreign affairs in focus

Foreign ministry representatives from Afghanistan and Thailand visited the Great Southern recently with a Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) group. The GSDC hosted the guests and provided a presentation to help them understand development priorities and opportunities in our region.

Rahman Nazar Belim, from Afghanistan, is a member of the political division responsible for relations with Australia, New Zealand, United States of America, Canada and Latin America.

Jirayoot Lethongkam is in the Department of International Economic Affairs in Thailand.

After presenting an overview of development and opportunities in the Great Southern, the GSDC accompanied the group to the Albany Multi-Species Mollusc Hatchery for an insight into aquaculture opportunities.

Other interests expressed by the group included alternative energy options in wind, wave power and wood pellets.

Areas of expertise among the four DFAT representatives included Korean affairs, litigation and corporate law, free trade agreements and media liaison. All had foreign language skills, among them advanced Russian, professional Indonesian, Korean, Farsi and Finnish.

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