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Djinda Ngardak Kinjarling 2023

Prepare Produce Provide’s Djinda Ngardak Kinjarling took place in November, offering 25 First Nation’s youth the opportunity to celebrate food and culture, and develop skills linked to employment pathways.

Dec 13, 2023 | Read Time : 1 minute

Djinda Ngardak Kinjarling is an annual culinary program offering up to 25 First Nations youth the opportunity to attend a week-long program that shines a light on First Nations culture and connection to land and food. The program celebrates culture, food, and story-telling, as well as develops skills, primarily linked to employment pathways.

First Nations youth from across WA were trained and mentored by some of the state’s top chefs, and in addition to honing valuable employment skills, the group had the opportunity to connect on Country with elders, and share significant cultural stories.

Highlights of the program involved masterclasses in bush foods, a stall at the Albany Farmers Market, with the culmination of the event being a bespoke long-table luncheon at Irrerup / Mount Adelaide.

The GSDC is a proud sponsor of Djinda Ngardak Kinjarling.

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