Major Projects

As part of its role in coordinating regional development, the GSDC monitors major developments around the Great Southern.

The Commission’s Major Projects register presents details of significant industry, infrastructure and construction related projects under way in the region.

Projects are listed below and through the register to better inform the community and to maximise the outcomes for business and employment.

Economic Growth and Diversification

  • Albany Waterfront Hotel
  • Leeuwin Coast Aquaculture

Essential Infrastructure and Services

  • Albany Ring Road
  • Water Pipeline
  • Great Southern Housing Initiative
  • South Coast Highway
  • Regional Waste Management
  • Middleton Beach Foreshore Revitalisation
  • Western Power Depot
  • Albany Health Campus Oncology Ward

Community and Environment

  • Youth Challenge Park
  • MSWA Multipurpose Facility

Knowledge and Innovation

  • Mount Lockyer Primary School
  • Albany Secondary Education Support Centre and NASHS

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