Role of the GSDC

The GSDC's role is to coordinate and support endeavours that build the economy and promote growth in the Great Southern region of Western Australia. The GSDC works with the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

A seven-member Board of Management leads the GSDC, setting strategic directions in pursuit of the Great Southern’s vision to be recognised internationally as a natural choice for opportunity and lifestyle.

Core functions identified by the Board include undertaking regional planning and appropriate projects, advising the State Government and providing a link to the Government on key issues and policies that impact the region.

Four goal areas encompass the work of the Commission:

  • Economic growth and diversification
  • Essential infrastructure and services
  • Community and environment
  • Knowledge and innovation.

The staff based at the GSDC address its strategic directions through a variety of project work. Our motivated and skilled staff:

  • Support and develop industry and community projects
  • Coordinate approaches to government on strategic economic and social issues
  • Provide access to information on government programs and industry support services
  • Provide information and advice to promote business development within the region
  • Maximise job creation and improve career opportunities in the region
  • Assist with resources for regional projects through grants schemes
  • Identify infrastructure services to promote economic and social development
  • Identify and promote investment opportunities in the region
  • Seek to ensure that the general standard and access to government services in the region are comparable to the metropolitan area.