Centre of Excellence in Natural Resource Management

The Centre of Excellence in Natural Resource Management (CENRM) is an Albany-based research centre of the University of Western Australia (UWA). It was originally established as an initiative of UWA and the GSDC, with the financial and in-kind support of a number of State and other entities including the Commonwealth through the then Great Southern Area Consultative Committee.

CENRM has attracted research funding for a wide range of regional, national and international initiatives. These include the Tropical Rivers and Coastal Knowledge, National Climate Change Adaption Research Facility, International Water Centre, Western Australian State Natural Resource Management, and Natural Resource Management Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Research.

CENRM also coordinates an Australian Research Council Discovery grant with the support of UWA, GSDC and Jack Family Trust for the project ‘Evolution and conservation of promiscuity in plants pollinated by vertebrates’. Additional funds from local community organisations, industry and government have supported a range of regional projects addressing biophysical and social issues. This included support to establish the region’s first molecular genetics laboratory.

Since 2012, the GSDC has financially supported the Chair in Biodiversity at CENRM, filled by eminent plant biologist Professor Stephen Hopper. In 2015, the GSDC Board approved a further three years of funding for the operational costs associated with the position.

In the most recent reporting period, CENRM attracted a total income of $2.1 million and produced 20 peer-reviewed publications. CENRM staff supervise students at Honours, Master degree and PhD level.

The centre coordinates and delivers a two-week residential course for international students in the International Water Centre's MSc in Integrated Water Resource Management. CENRM has maintained a high standard of teaching and research and has had the continued support of the community and the GSDC. The GSDC chairs the CENRM Advisory Board.

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