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Step into the Great Southern

The Step into the Great Southern video series explores the unique culture, produce, natural wonders and lifestyle enjoyed by those living in the region.

Jul 14, 2017 | Read Time : 1 minute

Iconic attractions of the Great Southern feature in four video clips posted online by the GSDC to promote the region (link goes to Vimeo and includes other video material by the GSDC). Under the overall theme Step Into the Great Southern, the clips celebrate the region’s natural beauty, its fine produce and its rich culture and heritage.

Footage for the series was shot at locations including the Stirling Range, Tree Top Walk, National Anzac Centre, Kodja Place and Albany Wind Farm. Using local talent, the videos depict journeys through the region to see the sights, sample produce and explore cultural and heritage connections.

Three of the videos depict themed journeys through the region, titled Enjoy Fine Produce, Experience Natural Wonders and Explore Cultural Connections. The fourth video is titled Step Into the Great Southern, and combines the three themes into a single presentation. Each video ends at a whimsical sunset feast filmed at Mutton Bird Beach.

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