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Sculpture Connects to Aeons Past

A beautiful, intriguing and informative sculpture was unveiled at the Twin Creeks Community Conservation Reserve in the Shire of Plantagenet in May.

May 01, 2021 | Read Time : 1 minute

The Genestreams Sculpture is a key point on the Heartlands Journey project developed by Gondwana Link with support of $84,212 in Regional Economic Development funding through the GSDC. The sculpture, adorned by Indigenous artwork, depicts the deep time story of the ecology and geology of the region.

Resembling a flower or the fingers of cupped hands, the sculpture displays scientifically informed representations of geological time and the evolution of local species over hundreds of millions of years. Viewers can appreciate the form and artwork of the piece from the outside, and step inside to trace the region’s story through time.

Artist Ben Beeton designed the work in consultation with Noongar elder Carol Petterson and it was crafted by Torbay artist Mark Hewson in collaboration with Bakers Junction Engineering.

The Twin Creeks Genestreams Sculpture is intended to be the first of over a hundred public artworks to be installed in ecologically and culturally significant communities across Australia.