Our Region

Map of the Great SouthernThe Great Southern is one of nine regions in Western Australia. It takes in several hundred kilometres of the State’s southern coastline, stretching from Nornalup in the west to the Fitzgerald River National Park in the east, and it extends north to the Shires of Woodanilling and Kent. Its ancient geography includes the highest ranges in southern Western Australia, deep forests, productive farmland and spectacular coastal scenery.

Residents and visitors enjoy an enviable lifestyle and benefit from a sturdy economy that offers plenty of opportunity. Albany is the region’s biggest urban centre and holds a special place in national and regional history as the site of Western Australia’s first European settlement and as a focus of unique Anzac connections.

The Great Southern encompasses eleven local government areas with a range of communities from large towns to rural villages, serviced by infrastructure for transport, telecommunications and utilities.

For a compact summary of the Great Southern, refer to Great Southern: A Regional Profile, published by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development in partnership with the GSDC. The document provides snapshot statistics on the region’s major industries, along with figures on its population, workforce and taxable income.

For further background on the Great Southern of today, take a look at the region’s geography, history, current major projects and the state of its assets and services.