Growing Value

Premium food production and value adding are key areas of opportunity for the Great Southern. Project components under the theme Growing Value are aimed at achieving further expansion of the production, value adding and international marketing of the region’s food products.

Participation in the 2016 Aquaculture Western Australia State Forum was an opportunity for the GSDC to promote the potential of the Great Southern to host future aquaculture ventures. A multi-species shellfish hatchery at the Albany Aquaculture Park was supported by a $2.3 million budget allocation in the 2016-2017 State Budget. A South Coast Aquaculture Zone will be set up to help attract investment in aquaculture in the Great Southern and neighbouring regions along the south coast.

A specialised food centre in Albany also attracted funding in the 2016-2017 State Budget, drawing $1.5 million through the Seizing the Opportunity Food Industry Innovation initiative.

Under Growing Value, areas of opportunity for strategic investments include statutory planning for agricultural land use and production inputs. Horticulture and intensive agriculture, and free range livestock are areas of opportunity, and the sector’s long-term productivity will be served by attention to trade connections to emerging markets.

Other Transformational Project areas: Access to Energy, Water for Growth, Avenues to Opportunity, Connected Great Southern, Destination of Natural Choice, Strong Communities.