Connected Great Southern

Making the most of digital technologies is a key element of full participation in the contemporary economy. To enable the Great Southern to thrive in the digital age, the Connected Great Southern transformational project includes initiatives on maximising the quality and coverage of broadband and mobile telecommunications, and exploring ways to grow innovation, enterprise and leadership.

Building research capacity, enhancing tertiary education and attending to opportunities in training and secondary education are also part of ensuring the region has the capacity and skills for engagement with digital economies.

In recent years, the GSDC has worked with the Department of Commerce to identify priority locations for improvements in mobile phone coverage. Through the Regional Telecommunications Project, the Great Southern was set to gain 30 new mobile base stations through to 2018. The coverage improvements were also funded by the Commonwealth Government's Mobile Black Spot Program.

Other Transformational Project areas: Growing Value, Access to Energy, Water for Growth, Avenues to Opportunity, Destination of Natural Choice, Strong Communities.