Great Southern Centre for Outdoor Recreation Excellence

Rock-climber half-way up a cliff by the ocean.

Nature-based and adventure tourism, and outdoor recreation are the focus of an initiative developed by the GSDC in partnership with the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries and the Albany Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The Great Southern Centre for Outdoor Recreation Excellence (GSCORE) aims to build programs and enterprises based on outdoor recreation excellence.

In 2018, GSCORE hosted a Trail Town Forum to explore the potential for Albany to develop as a trail town. The Great Southern is a prime location for an extensive multi-use trail network with existing trails and plenty of locations like the Stirling Range National Park waiting to be activated and utilised. The trail town strategy has proven successful in Tasmania.

GSCORE works with industry members to improve business capability through a range of training and development opportunities. Industry support has also been provided through liaison with the School Excursion and School Camp Marketing Cooperative, which looks to support businesses in this sector.

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