Our Projects

The GSDC undertakes a range of projects across the region, often in partnership with industry, community groups and government departments. The GSDC also supports many projects with State Government funding, including through the RED Grants program.

Our projects align with the GSDC Strategic Directions 2014-2020 and the Great Southern Regional Investment Blueprint, both of which acknowledge four goals as drivers for the region’s economic and social development, growth and prosperity to 2040: Economic growth and diversification; essential infrastructure and services; community and environment; knowledge and innovation.

Economic growth and diversification

Advance the growth and diversification of the economy and the attraction and retention of industry.

Essential infrastructure and services

Support coordinated approaches to the development of capital infrastructure and investment in associated services.

Community and environment

Develop the community and environmental assets and capacities that make the region a preferred place to live, work, visit and invest.

Knowledge and innovation

Attract and foster the knowledge and innovation sector to build on the region's comparative advantages.