H is for Happiness touts Great Southern locations

two people lying on the ground

Albany’s favourite feelgood film has turned the happiness spotlight onto some great regional locations. H is for Happiness delighted audiences on its release earlier in the year and a new web presence invites people to share the vibe by visiting the film’s shooting locations.

Great Southern residents wanting to show off the region to friends and family are invited to send a link to the guide, which covers many locations used in Albany and a few places in Denmark. Whether or not people can visit, browsing Ian Brodie’s gorgeous photography and the many stills from the film is a pleasure in its own right.

H is for Happiness is based on Barry Jonsberg’s book My Life As an Alphabet. It was shot in 2018-19 using locations such as Stirling Terrace, Princess Royal Sailing Club, the Albany Wind Farm, Alison Hartman Gardens and Albany Senior High School.

In cooperation with Screenwest, which supported the film through the Regional Film Fund, the GSDC liaised with the film’s producers to maximise benefits for the Great Southern through local employment, regional spend, skills development and promotional outcomes.

Photo by David Dare Parker.

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