Coordination for resources projects

Resources projects from Ravensthorpe to Esperance are becoming more active, leading the GSDC and the Goldfields-Esperance Development Commission to partner with other agencies to form a Regional Coordination Group (RCG).

Mining companies, the Southern Ports Authority, the Shire of Ravensthorpe, the Shire of Esperance, the Shire of Jerramungup and the City of Albany are also part of the group.

The RCG’s main purpose is to help resource project proponents, local governments, Southern Ports and Regional Development Commissions work together to maximise the regional benefits stemming from a potential increase in mining sector investment.

As a first step, the RCG commissioned a study into the likely socio-economic impacts of prospective resource sector developments on the Ravensthorpe, Esperance, Jerramungup and Albany local government areas. Based on this study, an action plan will be developed to guide the RCG’s activities.

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