Treasures no longer hidden

Great Southern Treasures has proclaimed itself no longer hidden, and its new website is showing a fresh face to the world. Formerly known as Hidden Treasures of the Great Southern, the collaboration of the region’s inland shires has completed a rebranding to become Great Southern Treasures.

Funding through the GSDC supported the rebranding, which will be promoted at the 2019 Perth Caravan and Camping Show on March 20-24. Great Southern Treasures will share a stall at the show with the Amazing South Coast and Australia’s South West.

Following the rebranding, Great Southern Treasures will now undertake a tourism enabling and capacity building project, with the support of $37,382 in State Government RED grant funding through the GSDC. The funds will enable the participating shires to share the services of a tourism officer who will identify and extend opportunities in regional tourism.

In spring, the 2019 Bloom Festival will be run under the new Great Southern Treasures branding. Explore the new identity at Great Southern Treasures.

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