Community effort builds hub

Group of people at Nyabing Community Hub

Nyabing celebrated the opening of its $2.2 million community hub on Thursday 7 March, the culmination of a seven-year effort by the Nyabing Progress Association (NPA).

The NPA raised more than $1 million for the project through a major community cropping program. The new hub proudly displayed a photo of ten headers working in formation to take off a crop for the fundraising effort.

GSDC Chief Executive Officer Bruce Manning noted that the Commission’s involvement with the project dated back to 2013 when the GSDC met with the association to help with the initial planning and fund a feasibility study.

In the following years, the NPA secured $350,000 of State Government funding through the GSDC and $825,000 of Australian Government funding. The balance of the project value was raised by the NPA and contributed in-kind.

The outcome is a multi-purpose facility that replaced the town’s deteriorating hotel with a manager’s residence, six accommodation units and the hub. Inside the architect-designed building are a commercial kitchen and dining room, along with a conference room and business offices that can be used by visiting professionals and business people.

An estimated 85 per cent of the project budget was spent within the regional economy, supporting local jobs and enterprises.

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