Bariatric ambulance for Great Southern

GSDC Bulletin 50

St John Ambulance Great Southern is soon to launch the latest addition to its fleet, a bariatric ambulance that is specially equipped to handle obese patients. The Great Southern ambulance will be the first of eight similar vehicles to be commissioned in regional areas, and will be based at the Albany depot.

The ambulance is designed and equipped to carry obese patients in a safer, more dignified manner, with the specialised stretcher allowing paramedics to transport and treat patients with a reduced chance of being injured. Incorporating the latest technology, the powered stretcher and loading system enables patients to be raised, lowered, loaded and unloaded without the need for the ambulance crew to do any physical lifting and allows easy navigation over obstacles whilst moving the patient to the ambulance.

This project was supported by the GSDC with $50,001 of State Government funding. The new equipment provides a more efficient service to bariatric patients and a safer working environment for paramedics and crew.

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