New industries support

Great Southern organisations with innovative ideas for venture creation and business growth are invited to explore the funding opportunities through the Regional New Industries Fund (RNIF). The GSDC is coordinating a Regional Innovation Partnership to develop project proposals to put to the RNIF to build the Great Southern economy.

Initiatives funded through the RNIF will develop one or more of four areas considered essential for job creation and new industry development:

  • Talent skills and entrepreneurship
  • Investment and infrastructure
  • Culture and collaboration
  • Marketing and promotion.

Applications for participation in the fund are now open. Organisations considering taking part are invited to examine the RNIF guidelines and then register as a member of the Regional Innovation Partnership.

A sub-program of the State Government’s $16.7 million New Industries Fund, the RNIF allocates $4.5 million to Western Australia’s nine regions with the aim of diversifying the State economy and creating new jobs. Initiatives funded through the program will build innovation, economic transformation, entrepreneurship, new market access, and Aboriginal business development.

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