Anticipation building for Breath

Simon Baker, Samson Coulter and Ben Spence in movie Breath

Limited pre-release screenings of Simon Baker’s film Breath, shot on location in the Great Southern in early 2016, have piqued the interest of film fans. Breath enjoyed positive reactions at the Toronto International Film Festival last year. Its Australian cinema season starts on Thursday 3 May.

Film reviewer Margaret Pomeranz is quoted by the producers: "A sublime adaptation of Tim Winton's novel. Simon Baker's debut feature is a knockout. It's just beautiful."

Breath’s Facebook page reports that a pre-release screening was held at Sydney’s St George Open Air Cinema on Friday 16 February. Comments included accolades for young actors Samson Coulter and Ben Spence, and requests for overseas screening dates, such as in England and France.

One commenter who had seen Breath at the Toronto International Film Festival in Canada called it “a great movie with great scenery in the background”.

A Sydney audience member wrote: “It was brilliant. Being a big Tim Winton fan, I was worried you wouldn't be able to pull off the adaptation - the subtle Winton style, huge wave and underwater scenes etc but you nailed it. All cast perfectly too. Initially, I wasn't sure about Debicki as Eva because I had the original as stocky and athletic, but Debicki is now my new Eva. Found myself watching the surf with new eyes, and thinking about my precious Breath!”

Funding secured through the GSDC helped to clinch the decision to produce Breath in the Great Southern.

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